Tam Hayward

Self-Worth & Abundance Coach

Working with Marisa opened my eyes to the power of becoming proficient in managing my personal brand and securing publicity. She is a natural teacher & visionary and is incredibly dynamic. Marisa is a powerhouse, efficient beyond belief and the most authentic person I’ve worked with. I landed two ... read more

Dr. Chantelle Nienhuis

Homeopath, Specialising in Women’s Hormone Health

Marisa is a mastermind when it comes to being seen as a brand. She allows me to dream big, holding space for any vision to flourish — there is always a strategic plan to get there! But what I am most heartened by is her genuine interest and passion to help, going over and beyond to teach and ... read more

Ashleigh Iovino

Founder of FitMom

Choosing Marisa as my business coach/digital strategist is one of the the best decisions I have made for my business, FitMom. From day 1, she has stepped in as my “silent business partner,” holding my hand, guiding me, empowering me & mentoring me.

She has poured so much energy, ... read more

Alex Goldberg

Creative Director, Ogilvy South Africa

Bruce Lee once said "Don't get set into one form, adapt it and build your own, and let it grow, be like water. Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water". It’s hard to fully describe Marisa because she’s always evolving. Like water.

Never stuck in her ways or shy to ... read more

Lauren Kritzinger

Head of Marketing, Middle East and Africa, William Grant & Sons

Over the ten+ years I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Marisa, both in a work capacity and personally, she has started 3 businesses, run countless successful PR campaigns, led super productive teams, motivated thousands to live a healthy balanced life and still managed to look younger every day. ... read more

Jeff Clements

Marketing Manager at Fliteboard, New South Wales, Australia

Marisa is a gun. A jack of all, master of all. A multipotentialite. She has the unique ability to think big picture creative strategy, but also focus on the minute details. A rare find, with incredible energy and enthusiasm. And a genuinely nice person. She gets the job done, and done well. We ... read more

Kelly-Anne Hodge

Co-Founder of Onebag Full Charity

Being featured on Stream was a great opportunity for our charity initiative that we had just established. We focus on 'Collecting to Stay Connected' and Stream certainly allowed us to connect with their community which lead to the company OLX reaching out to us and subsequently collaborating with ... read more

Erica Goossens

Marketing and Communications Manager, Denver Colorado

Working for someone who is both a coach and mentor is not an opportunity that many get – but I did when Marisa was my PR Boss for almost 3.5 years. Marisa was dedicated to helping me grow as an employee and as a leader of her own company, her experience in the industry inspired both clients, with ... read more