Anna-Bet Stemmet, Skryfyster Copy & Content

Copywriting, Marketing, Branding, Storytelling

  • Anna-Bet Stemmet is a passionate word wrangler and ink slinger who lives in the Swartland with her husband Jacques, and their two daughters, Alexandra and Valkyrie. She is quick as a whip, smart as a tack, and has a love/hate relationship with the Oxford comma.

    Her favourite subjects to write on are food, wine, travel, and lifestyle. However, she has also written about sheep feed, wind pump maintenance, and car manufacturing in the past. Just think of her as a quill-and-ink version of a Swiss Army knife.

    When Anna-Bet is not minding her Ps and Qs, you can find her cooking (badly), gardening (with mixed results), and giving people an unsolicited earful about low-impact living and the amazing benefits of cloth diapering. She can both knit and arc weld, drives like an old lady, and has zero fear of cockroaches.

  • Copywriting, web content, SEO content, social media content, print articles, pack copy, scripts for television & radio, translation (English/Afrikaans), and more!

  • Poetry, Old Khaki, Cape Union Mart, Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen, Eatsplorer, The Pretty Blog, The Local Edit, Kagga Kamma, De Hoop Nature Reserve, Hazendal, Boschendal, and more.

  • R500/h (get in touch for a tailored quote)


Xanthi Georgiades, The Digital Collar

Digital Marketing, Social Media, Copywriting, Graphic Design

  • Helping to grow your brand’s online presence from social media management, to email marketing, copywriting, design & more, we do it all, allowing YOU to focus elsewhere!

  • Social media management, social media audit, hashtag cheatsheet, copywriting, website design, content creation, email marketing, graphic design, paid advertising

  • Clients range from the retail industry, to beauty, lifestyle, PR, and eCommerce

  • Individual costs start from R150. Packages start from R3000

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Wanita Nicol

Copywriting & Editing

  • Wanita graduated cum laude with a BJourn from Rhodes University and began her career in corporate communications, working with clients in property, packaging, financial services and rugby. Her magazine career started as a travel and lifestyle writer for the British Airways and kulula in-flight magazines, but it was after joining the Women’s Health (and later, also Men’s Health) team that she found her true love – wellness and fitness. She even completed a certificate in personal training through Trifocus Fitness Academy. Wanita is now a freelance writer, storyteller and content producer by day with a fitness side hustle.

  • Copywriting, ghost writing, editing & rewriting

  • Copywriting (articles, blog posts): R3.50/word
    Copywriting (basic website from scratch): R4 000
    Editing & rewriting: From R350 / hour
    Ghost writing: Quote on request

    *Prices will be quoted on a fixed, per-project fee agreed upon upfront. Pricing is subject to change on a case by case basis.

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