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Sharmon Reddington , MumWell


  • MumWell provides online therapy to pregnant and postpartum mums

  • Areas of focus include:

    Birth trauma – physical, emotional
    Birth plan disappointment
    Changes to social life
    Coping with the unknown
    Depleted self-esteem
    Expectation vs reality – pregnancy, motherhood
    Feeding baby – breastfeeding, colicky baby, formula feeding, pumping, reflux
    Feelings of loneliness, isolation
    Maintaining identity – you are still you, finding the woman that may be lost behind the role of mum
    Mindful pregnancy – managing expectations and birth plan
    Partner adjustments – finding balance, share of workload, loss of intimacy
    Pregnancy complications
    Pregnancy loss, miscarriage
    Pressures – baby development, milestones
    Sleep deprivation

  • Rates range from R400 for 50 min sessions


Milena Gevers, Cor Coaching with Milena

Coaching, Learning & Development

  • I use an integrated approach to empowering confidence in women, new leaders and young professionals. Often a major block to confidence is the freedom to know and be yourself. Coaching is a facilitated and supported journey of exploration and self-discovery, that carries benefits of transformation, relaxation, awareness, and compassion in and of yourself. Integral coaching also has the power to positively shift and influence your relationships with others, and how you manage your work and professional stress.

  • One-on-one coaching

    Online self-development courses & learning containers

    Facilitation & training

  • Please visit Milena’s website for costs and subscribe to her newsletter (via her website) to keep up to date on upcoming specials, discounts and exciting new offers.


Gemma Pemberton , A Contemporary Counsellor

Psychology, Wellness, Mental Health, Therapy, Counseling

  • I’m Gemma, a registered counsellor in private ‘online’ practice. I see individuals ranging from 14+ who are experiencing varying challenges or difficulties or even just wish to engage in deeper personal growth and understanding.

  • Individual Therapy Session and Corporate Wellness Collabs

  • R550.00 for individual therapy sessions. Enquire about Corporate Wellness Talks & Coaching Sessions


Martin van Eeden, Imagine Better

Personal Development and Leadership Training

  • Martin is a Personal Development Specialist and Leadership Trainer who is on a mission to help people, teams and organisations reach their full potential!

  • Individual Coaching, Executive Coaching, Enneagram Assessments and Coaching, Culture Matters Masterclass (a Sprint Week on how to create a company culture full of belonging, connection, cooperation and purpose).

  • I partner with Organisations, Businesses, NGO’s and Individuals to go beyond what they ever could imagine. I have a customised, high-impact and practical approach aimed to create success and lasting significance for everyone that partner with me. Some of my clients I worked with Woolworths Financial Services, Thinkspace, Fullcircl_, Fx-Health, The Actors Toolbox, Ecowize, Barloworld, RTI, and Kuehne + Nagel.

  • Costs varies depending on the service requested.

    • Enneagram Assessments + 90 min Feedback Session – Price depending on the report type.
    • Individual Coaching/Executive Coaching – R1200 per session (approx. 60-90min per session)
    • Culture Matters Masterclass – R1950 for the week

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Dr. Chantelle Nienhuis

Health and Wellness, Complementary Medicine

  • Dr. Nienhuis is a qualified homeopath specialising in female health. Helping women cultivate a connectedness with their monthly cycles and truly understanding all the signs and symptoms that occur during the various phases of their cycle.

  • Homeopathic consultations; health shop/ dispensary; and skincare treatments…

    I help women wanting to come off birth control and seeking assistant with modulating hormone fluctuations; assisting elevated/ imbalanced hormones whether on or off synthetic hormones; hormonal acne; fertility; endometriosis; PCOS; PMS; and period pain.

  • Between R 500 and R 2 000 (covering consultations including medicines)

    30 min complimentary - Code: #StreamSource


Lindsay van Duuren, LvD Life Coaching

Life Coaching

  • I am a Life Coach based in Cape Town. I facilitate personal growth and self awareness and empower my clients to live a fulfilling, joyful life that is true to who they are.

  • Personal Growth and Self Awareness – Uncovering limiting beliefs; Discovering core values; Goal setting.

    Relationships – Improving relationships; Letting go of past relationships.

    Career and Life Purpose – Setting and achieving career and business goals; Career change; Life purpose exploration.

    Phobias and Troubling Experiences – Releasing emotional charge from troubling past experiences and phobias.

    Health and Wellness – Improving general wellbeing and lifestyle through daily habits and practices; Reducing stress and anxiety.

    Face-to-Face or Online Life Coaching available.

  • The first introductory session is free and thereafter it is R500 per session.

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Anchen Wobbe-du Plessis, a.bundant Life Coaching

Life Coaching, Personal Development, Lifestyle

  • A Life Coach committed to make you feel seen and heard in your journey to personal growth and living a life of abundance. Investing in the youth and empowering them with the necessary life skills to excel and live an authentic life is what really matters to me.

  • One-on-one life coaching sessions; Tailor made coaching journey specifically focused on personal growth; Webinars on Life Skills enrichment for High School learners; Courses on Life Skills development for High School learners.

  • High School learners, students at tertiary level, young working adults.

  • Ranging from R400 (depending on the coaching package) 


Annie Byrne, Therapy with Annie & Co-healing Collective

Therapy, Mental Health and Wellness

  • Weaving together Eastern and Western philosophy, science and holistic lifestyle practices, Annie takes an Integrated Holistic Approach to Healing. With a background in Mindfulness; Narrative therapy; Play therapy and Yoga, she integrates her knowledge to support individuals in connecting to their true selves and empowers them to heal themselves. The Co-healing Collective is a group for healing together as a community of Women and Femme-identifying individuals. While still growing, this community promises to be a compassionate space for Women to share within a safe group environment. The objective is to provide empowerment tools and host workshops and events; by women for women.

  • Individual therapy, Self-healing tools, Co-healing Community (Co-healing Collective)

  • I work with clients who wish to:Enhance their self-love and deepen their relationship with their own authentic self, Investigate and process the routes of: anxiety and depression, Navigate adjustment periods and life transitions within a supportive therapeutic environment, Learn to manage stress, burnout and maintaining a healthy holistic lifestyle, Build positive relationships with self and the development of self-confidence, Develop a sense of belonging and authentic identity, Navigate relationships in healthier ways and Explore Inner child and reparenting work.

  • Individual therapy (price on request)
    Self-healing tools range from free resources to R350
    Co-healing Community (free membership) Tools/Workshops & Events will vary in price.


Amy Glover, Amy Glover Clinical Psychologist

Mental Health and Wellness 

  • Clinical Psychologist based on Cape Town, South Africa.

  • I assist adolescents, adults and families who experience a range of psychological difficulties. My areas of interest include (but are not limited to) relationship difficulties, negotiation of major life transitions, bereavement and loss, depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, substance use and self improvement. I offer clinical assessments and psychotherapy for common and serious mental illnesses.

  • I primarily work with millennials, young adults, adolescents and women at times of transition when our coping skills are no longer serving us well.

  • Medical Aid rates.


Caitlyn de Beer

Life Coach, Wellness

  • Caitlyn de Beer is a life coach, Psychology lecturer, podcast host and motivational speaker. In the past few years, she has coached over 450 individuals from 11 countries worldwide. Caitlyn coaches women and runs online courses inspiring and empowering women to know and love themselves and speaks on these topics around South Africa in both corporate and more relaxed settings. Outside of her career, she is a wife, mum to 2 young kids and loves running, Jesus and the beach.

  • Life Coaching & Online Course for Mums would be great.

  • Life Coaching for women and Online Courses.

  • Coaching starts at R500/session however all coaching sessions are booked as packages as the impact is far bigger over a couple of sessions. Payable in instalments and a discount code is provided below.

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Sara Moosa, Heal Grow Flow

Holistic Mental Wellness

  • Sara Moosa is a Holistic Mental Health Practitioner based in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. She offers therapy to individuals seeking clarity to live with increased insight, personal power and purpose. As a student of breathwork and meditation, Sara strongly believes in a holistic approach to therapy, and that in order to treat the mind we must also look at the body. With this in mind, she will soon be extending her offering to include meditation and breathwork.

  • Counselling. Meditation and breathwork to come.

  • Available on request

    Free first consultation - Code: #StreamSource


Dr. Jessica Stanbridge, Dr. Jessica Stanbridge Specialist Psychiatrist 

Psychiatrist, Mental Health

  • I am a specialist psychiatrist focusing on the mental health of adults with a special interest in Women’s Mental Health. I practice as a Holistic Psychiatrist with a focus on treating the mind, the body and the spirit with the belief that their interconnectivity and balance are at the center of true wellness.

    I am deeply invested in female empowerment and guide my patients into their power by helping them prioritize mental wellness, self connection, authenticity and vulnerability.

  • Mental Health care for adults through psychopharmacology, psychotherapy and other complementary modalities.

  • Medical Aid rates


Ryan Tyack, Potential is Human

Life Coaching, Consciousness Coaching, Personal Development, Spiritual Growth

  • Helping you reconnect with the truth of your own heart, source powerful inner clarity, and expand into new levels of your individual potential.

  • Life coaching for individuals, group coaching for business teams, individual mentorship and retreat packages.

  • Costs vary depending on the type and duration of the coaching package. A free alignment consultation is offered to explore the possibility of working together and discuss the journey ahead before making any coaching commitment.

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