Life lessons for my daughter | Carishma Basday

Professional actress, dancer and model Carishma Basday shares beautiful life advice as she chats to us about her upbringing, the character-building entertainment industry and her most recent transition to motherhood.

“I want to live through joy and through grace…and be able to spread that and inspire people through that.”

The dynamic power woman has always had a penchant for the limelight, starting ballet at age 4 and going on to train in many styles of dancing including modern dance, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, belly dancing, funk, fusion, salsa and Latin American.

In 2005 she traveled to Chicago as an exchange student where she volunteered at charities and worked as a journalist and a news anchor before landing a role in the play Les Miserables and a dancing production.

Having done many TV commercials both nationally and internationally Carishma went on to star in the theatre production Betesda, the muliti-award winning trilogy Babbel as well as two feature films 31 Million and Material (her first feature film) and Deep End.

Following her love for acting and dancing, Carishma decided to do a 200 hour yoga teacher training in India and has since been teaching yoga and inspiring and enlightening as many souls as she can on her path.

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