Breaking Free from People Pleasing: How It Holds You Back

Breaking Free from People Pleasing: How It Holds You Back and Empowering Change. Dive into the intricate world of people-pleasing with Sharmon Reddington from Mumwell. Discover how this subtle behavior influences our decisions and learn effective strategies to break free. From recognizing its impact to reclaiming your intuition, this conversation is packed with actionable advice to help you embrace authenticity and regain control of your choices. 

Episode Highlights include….

The First Step: Admitting Influence:

We kick things off by addressing the essential first step—acknowledging the subtle influence of others on our decision-making. It’s a moment of profound self-awareness.

The Role of Early Experiences and Social Conditioning:

Join us as we unravel the threads of how early childhood experiences and societal norms shape our inclination toward people-pleasing tendencies.

Recognizing People-Pleasing Tendencies:

How do you know if you’re caught in the web of people pleasing? We’ll share key indicators to help you identify these tendencies in your own life.

Practical Steps to Reconnect with Your Intuition:

Once you’ve recognized the impact of external opinions, discover actionable steps to reclaim your decision-making and trust your inner wisdom.

This episode is packed with insights and actionable advice to help you regain control of your choices and embrace authenticity. Tune in now for a candid conversation that could change your perspective on people-pleasing forever. 



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